If you don’t have basic knowledge of computer science paradigms (big O notation, algorithms, data structures, databases, hardware theory, etc), you will not make it as a Web Developer. Here are 30 links I have used over the years to help me with my computer science skills. These links are all over the place, but are a great introduction to computer science, especially if you are studying for an interview.
Learn The Basics

Here’s the best place to get started — academia. These are the course websites of some of the top schools in the country. You can actually follow along with the material they study, because the information is available for free. If you follow the lecture slides week-to-week and attempt the projects and homeworks, you can have an introductory Ivy-league education in computer science without the crippling tuition costs!

Apply Your Newly-Found Knowledge

Now that you have a basic understanding of a language and how to create the common data structures and algorithms used in computing, it’s time to take it one step further. These tips focus on building your skills and reviewing the material you’ve learned from the basic core concepts:

Step 3 – Reference

Here are some hand-picked references I found on Wikipedia that are either A. not discussed very well in most textbooks or B. are great overviews that were helpful for me during the job search:

Are we blatantly missing the greatest links? Care to add your own? Shoot us your best computer science links for web developers and comment on this post.