Welcome to 21Gun Studios, home of a blog and web design studio run by me, Adam. As a blog my goal is to educate readers on how to build websites and web applications the right way. As a design studio, 21 Gun Studios offers a wide variety of web design services, from design to SEO, so feel to check out my Portfolio to explore more.

Who is this guy?

I am currently a grad student in computer science at Brown University and will be working for Microsoft in the summer of 2009. Web design is not just something I do, but it’s also a passion and a great deal of fun, which is why I want to share my experiences with you.

Instead of charging hundreds of dollars to help both clients and developers improve their sites, I’ve decided to offer these articles for free in addition to showcasing my portfolio.

I’m very happy to finally open to the public and I hope that you’ll join in the discussion and help get things going here. I can guarantee that you’ll learn something about software design, whether its for the desktop or for the web, so be sure to stick around.

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